Develop, manage, make profitable and operate a regional park for the benefit of the local, regional and tourist population.

Ensure the conservation of natural and historical environment, and the enhancement of this precious element of Lanaudière’s natural heritage. Make it accessible by setting up cultural, educational and recreational activities.

Offer visitors a pleasant and safe environment, while maintaining privileged contact with the natural environment.

Minimize our environmental impacts: favor selective sorting of waste and intelligent consumption through the reuse or transformation of equipment, establish an ethical and responsible work climate among our employees by adequately training them and promoting fluid communication at all levels.


Fermeture du Camping pour la saison 2023

Malheureusement, le camping du Parc Régional des Chutes Monte-à-peine et des Dalles ne sera pas ouvert lors de la saison 2023.

Sachez cependant que l’équipe du parc travail sans relâche afin de bonifier notre offre de service et ainsi vous assurer un séjour agréable. Restez à l’affût des nouvelles concernant le parc et une réouverture éventuelle du camping en vous abonnant à notre page Facebook.



According to the latest information indicated on the Quebec Government website, COVID-19 Vaccination Passport is not required in the park.

However, don’t forget to bring your own bottle of alcoholic gel and, if you want to use the picnic tables, a disinfectant. Social distancing rules must be respected on the trails.


We also remind you that, for your safety and for the safety of others as well as the conservation of our park, swimming, alcohol, drugs, fires outside the places provided for this purpose as well as glass containers are strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.